Things to do

While in Zagreb

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Zagreb attractions:

Explore Zagreb’s Rich Culture and History

Discover the heart of Zagreb’s historic charm as you stroll through its city center, where many popular tourist attractions are conveniently located within walking distance. Begin your journey in Gornji Grad to delve into the city’s rich and tumultuous history. Here, you’ll find St. Mark’s Church, a timeless landmark renowned for its colorful tiled roof, added during the church’s 19th-century renovation.

Adjacent to St. Mark’s Church is the esteemed St. Katarina, the most renowned Croatian baroque church. Don’t miss the Lotrščak Tower nearby, offering panoramic views of the cityscape and a glimpse into Zagreb’s storied past.

Experience Zagreb’s Heritage

Embark on a journey through Zagreb’s heritage with a visit to Kamenita vrata, the sole remaining city gate from the ancient defense system. Traverse between the Upper and Lower towns aboard the Uspinjača funicular, the city’s oldest form of organized public passenger transport.

Explore Zagreb’s Vibrant Markets and Cultural Gems

Delight your senses at Dolac market, an iconic marketplace bustling with local flavors and colorful stalls. Then, marvel at the majestic Zagreb Cathedral before strolling along the Lenucius Horseshoe, a scenic route adorned with cultural landmarks including Zrinjevac, the Art Pavilion, and the Botanical Garden.

Discover Zagreb’s Art and Architecture

Admire the architectural splendor of Trg Republike Hrvatske, home to the Croatian National Theater and other notable institutions such as the University and the Museum of Arts and Crafts. Uncover the treasures of the Mimara Museum and the Academy of Dramatic Art, all nestled within this cultural hub.

Experience Mirogoj Cemetery and Park

Escape into nature at Mirogoj Cemetery, a tranquil park and open-air art gallery celebrating Croatia’s rich history. Marvel at the grand arcades designed by Herman Bollé, then wander through this serene oasis that intertwines art, nature, and remembrance.

Immerse Yourself in Zagreb’s Museums and Green Spaces

Dive into Zagreb’s vibrant museum scene, from the traditional to the unconventional. Explore intriguing exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Archeology, and the Museum of Arts and Crafts. Then, venture into Zagreb’s lush green spaces, where parks and forests comprise 70% of the city’s landscape. Take a leisurely stroll through Zrinjevac, Zagreb’s beloved park, or explore the expansive Maksimir Park, home to diverse plant and animal species and the Zagreb Zoo.

Ascend to New Heights on Medvednica Mountain

Embark on an adventure to Medvednica Nature Park, where the towering peak of Sljeme offers breathtaking views of Zagreb and its surroundings. With over 70 hiking trails, Medvednica beckons outdoor enthusiasts to explore its pristine wilderness and scenic vistas.

Discover the best of Zagreb’s culture, history, and natural beauty with our curated list of must-visit attractions and activities. Start planning your unforgettable journey today!