Accepted papers

Enhancing the quality of service of the transport system in air transportation through the establishment of a catering company

Hydrogen production for improved transportation system as a part of smart cities

Availability of NGA Market Potential Indicators in the Western Balkans

An Auction-Based Mechanism for Task Offloading in a Secure Fog-Cloud Environment

Optimal Placement of Two IRSs in Beyond 5G Indoor Network

Designing a Cloud Based Platform for Monitoring Well-Being and Public Health in Areas with Natural Based Solutions

Selected application tools for creating models in the Matlab environment

An IoT integrated Air Quality Monitoring device based on microcomputer technology and leading industry low-cost sensor solutions

BloHeS Consensus Mechanism – Introduction and Performance Evaluation

Exploring the Applicability of Open-Source Tools for Web Application Cybersecurity Improvement

Data collection and processing method in the networks of industrial IOT

Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable Management of Construction Projects

Development of startups during the Covid-19 pandemic

QoE Assessment Aspects for Virtual Reality and Holographic Telepresence Applications

MAC-Based Symmetric Key Protocol for Secure Traffic Forwarding

Intelligent Monitoring of Loading and Unloading Process in Enterprise Transport System

A CAD Model Based System for Object Recognition

Smart City IoT on-demand monitoring system using a Drone Fleet

Evaluation of an Inertial and Optical Sensors Based Mapping and Localization System

Optimalization of Business Logistics Processes Through Implementation of Business Information Systems

Information Service for the Visually Impaired Persons in Public Transport – MAppIN

Application Aware Adaptive MAC-PHY strategy for Heterogeneous Nodes with Multiple Levels of Priority and Multiple Channels

Exploring the relationship between Online Privacy on Cyber Security and Digital Privacy